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Spruce Consulting provides high level mechanical engineering. Our designs are driven by customer specifications to meet federal demands. Precise CAD models and assemblies stem from innovative layouts. Personalized service and commitment to our client's satisfaction is unparalleled.

 Our engineering experience covers a broad array of projects ranging from simple mechanical devices to jet fighter flight control systems to satellite propulsion and stabilization systems. Designs, fabrication, detailing, fixtures and all testing procedures are provided for our clients.


The F-22 Fighter has six controlled surfaces. Spruce Consulting was heavily involved in the design layout, manufacturing tooling, qualification testing and documentation checking of the servo-actuators that hydraulically controlled (fly by wire) these surfaces.


NASA, JPL and other satellite manufacturers have used Xenon thrust systems designed by us. The use of MEMS silicon etching allowed very small regulators and flow control devices. We were instrumental in developing Anodic bonding; silicon to glass. The ARES I roll control system is under contract with us for the Orion (constellation program).